Sound Moves Energy

The Vedas teach that eons ago, when the Great Mystery Awakened and became Self-Aware, it started to stir. That stirring created a sound. Om.

Within Om are 108 primordial sounds. Each of us bears one of these sound signatures.

Sounds are within us. Sounds flow through us. Sounds move us. Each and everyone of us can make a sound. We can beat a drum, shake a rattle, ring a bell. We can scream, sigh or sing. We can tone, drone, or moan. Sound moves energy. And when our energy moves, we create a new way of Being.

Personal Sessions

Old patterns, beliefs and emotions are dissolved. Love, joy and bliss embraced. Through the use of sound, intuitive guidance, and profound personal intention, we co-create a space for you to gaze into the Cosmic mirror. Sessions are by phone or in person.

What’s a session with Erama like?

"Sometimes in life one gets stuck in their spiritual evolution. Erama has a unique and gentle way of re-igniting this journey. Through her thoughtful techniques she taps into and helps one push past the emotional blocks that stand in the way of moving forward, toward the destination we all desire, enlightenment." ~ Blair Kuster

“I would recommend this healing to anyone who desires true shifts, awakening them to the beauty, peace and love they are inside. Erama is an amazing healer with a beautiful voice who leads you to your own healer and beautiful voice within." ~ Larissa McNally

Special Sessions

Return to Innocence: Healing Sexual Abuse with Mary Magdalen (6 sessions)
When abuse happens, our innocence is stolen. Our trust is betrayed and our hearts shut down. Many times a shadow of self-blame and a self identity of being “bad” emerges.

Magdalen says, “Fathers, brothers, neighbors, uncles, and the women too, who pluck the young of their “God Sparks” are attempting to steal energy, intimacy and that which creates love and life on the planet. The secret is that it can never be stolen. When a violation has occurred, the physical patterns set in to protect. This work clears away of the physical protection and reclaims your Authentic Innocence of pleasure and sexual energy. “

In this 6 session series, directed by Mary Magdalen we use sound mediations, experiential exercises and profound personal intention, to peel off the layers of the heart’s armor and reconnect with your Innocence, your Basic Goodness within.

The Trinity of the Dark Mothers ( 3 Sessions)
On our way to different states of Being, elevating, growing, ascending--we must die to the old. Give up visions of who we think we are, who we want to be, who the world believes us to be. The Good, the Bad, the sometimes ugly of our Ego Identities. In a 3 session series, we call upon the wisdom of the Dark Mothers to cut the binds of the Ego and release us into a new way of Being, Existing, Unknowing. Calling upon Kali, Palden Lhamo and Vajrayogini we will enter deeply into their Energies to ferret out our deepest fears, find compassion for ourselves, and gaze into the Heart of Enlightenment.